IncaFé started back in 2007 and still remains a family business owned by Carmen Castro and Joop Verbeek, two individuals whose passion for coffee, organics and sustainability has combined to create one of New Zealand’s most successful coffee roasteries.

We are a small but passionate team, based in New Plymouth with representatives in Auckland and distribution throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our unwavering focus on quality provides you with superior beans, crafted by our roasters to create coffees that have won numerous awards and captured many more hearts both within New Zealand and internationally.

Founded on the belief that organically grown product produces a superior taste, our coffees are all certified organic, Fairtrade and shade-grown at high altitudes. We take great pride in personally sourcing beans from carefully selected growers from around the world, who understand that natural environments, complementary plantings and non-chemical treatments create rich, healthy soils essential for growing bountiful, full-tasting coffee crops, the benefits of which are transferred into every bean that we roast.

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5 distinct organic coffee blends

Award-winning, hand-picked, shade-grown and crafted to perfection




Our hallmark coffee. Winner of 2 gold medals in the 2012 NZ Coffee Awards, the 2014 version is better than ever. High-altitude Peruvian coffee. Smooth and chocolatey with cocoa and almond flavours, followed by a lively hint of citrus and roast almond.




A blend developed to make life easy for the barista. The best of 3 origins. A medium-bodied yet festive mix of chocolate, cinnamon, stone fruit and citrus flavours.




A very popular, non-complex and somewhat subtle coffee with a full taste. From the lush jungles of Sumatra. Rich, full-bodied and rounded, dark cocoa with pepper and zesty marmalade.




This blend won the supreme trophy for best coffee in the NZ Coffee Awards 2013/14 and we are proud to introduce it into the IncaFé range. Habesha means “of Ethiopia” and from the birthplace of coffee comes this amazingly sweet, strong coffee with hints of berries, malt and stone fruit.




An amazingly full-tasting decaf developed through an organic CO2 decaffeination process. Full-bodied, rounded and smooth, sweet milk chocolate and cinnamon flavours with a clean stone fruit aftertaste.



For thousands of years farmers in China, India, Middle East and South America have known that when you work with nature you can produce beautiful foods in abundance. Organic agriculture produces food with amazing flavour and it provides much needed jobs and companion crops for local food production.

The very care and consideration that goes into the soil that grows IncaFé beans lives on through to the final product. We like to describe our coffee as “naturally crafted”. Our beans are grown in a naturally forested ecosystem where companion planting, canopy shade, and an abundance of insect and bird life all contribute to bountiful, full-flavoured coffee beans. We know that all sounds a bit “trippy” but to be honest to stand in the middle of our growing area and feel the sense of nature working in harmony really is quite a phenomenal experience.

For nature to work best we should respect the soil, its water and all that lives in it. For the land to produce best we should respect the hands that care for it. That’s why we support our farmers, visit their operations, assist with production methods and ensure that together we can create a sustainable business partnership from bush to cup.

IncaFé founder Joop Verbeek sits with grower Felix Marin and members of the Yanesha tribe in Peru.

IncaFé founder Joop Verbeek sits with grower Felix Marin and members of the Yanesha tribe in Peru.





One of our key drivers, aside from delivering you the best coffee we can, is to ensure that we also create a sustainable business model that benefits all parties involved in the coffee-making process.

IncaFé coffee holds the following certifications: FairTrade™, BioGro Organic, and IFOAM, plus our roastery is CarboNZero certified. These are industry standards that guarantee that our product is ethically sourced, and free of chemicals or pesticides – not just to local, but international standards.

(Due to a communication error the FAIRTRADE logo does not appear on current packs, we can assure you that we are certified FAIRTRADE and that the logos will appear when new packaging is ordered)

We feel particularly proud of our continuing partnership with our growers. In appreciation of the hard work they put in to produce organic coffees of an excellent standard we pay well above set market rates, ensuring that they have the finance to see them through the whole year’s growing cycle.

We visit the growers every year, advising on and assisting with infrastructure and business efficiencies, educating them about current market trends, cupping the picked harvest alongside them and generally cementing a very strong partnership. For them it means financial stability and a committed buyer, for us it means we get the pick of the crop by buying in advance of harvest, and for you it means that you receive a quality cup of coffee and a clear conscience, knowing that with each sip you are helping to maintain a special growing ecology, and a thriving and sustainable business for the cultures that grow and harvest the beans.

Learning organic farming practices at an IncaFé sponsored school in Peru.

Learning organic farming practices at an IncaFé sponsored school in Peru.

We are especially proud to be able to sponsor a school in the famous coffee growing region of Villa Rica in Peru. Keeping education close to the plantations has multiple benefits for the community. The families are able to stay together as they do not need to look for work near other schools or have their children stay elsewhere to be educated. It also means that the children have an alternative to staying with their mothers whilst they work in the coffee plantations. A bonus is the opportunity for the children to learn the principles of organic farming at a young age, providing not only basic food cultivation skills but also continuing the country’s ability to be leaders in the growth of organic coffee farming.



The taste of coffee is influenced by the quality of the beans, the varietal and where they come from. Altitude and shade have a significant impact on the taste of the coffee. Our coffees are sourced from plantations situated at 1700m altitude or higher and the majority of our coffees are shade-grown. We source our coffees directly from selected plantations, and on top of checking their certifications we visit our suppliers ourselves to assure we are comfortable with their working practices and treatment of the raw product.

Providing you with a consistently high-quality coffee also means helping our suppliers to improve the taste profile of the coffee and their quality control. Where we can, we help with solutions to improve ergonomics and living standards, on top of the premiums we pay for the high quality coffee.

We visit the processing plants where the coffee is dehusked, graded and packed prior to shipment. We also arrange our own shipments to ensure the coffee takes the fastest and most direct route in dedicated containers.

Grading coffee at the source in Peru

Grading coffee at the source in Peru

Once the coffee arrives at our roastery we delicately store it in a humidity controlled climate before roasting. There is no risk of contamination as all our coffees are checked by NZ Ministry of Primary Industries on arrival as well as being certified organic and FairTrade.





It’s a combination of being able to adapt not only to seasonal changes in green bean profile, but also to consumer tastes, plus careful adherence to strict quality assurance guidelines that allows us to provide consistently award-winning coffee for you. Like wine, coffee changes from harvest to harvest. We maintain product consistency by cupping each roast to ensure it is up to our, and your, high expectations.

We were especially chuffed that this year our parent company Peru Cafe Ltd was the roaster of New Zealand’s Best Coffee 2013/14 as judged by the NZ Coffee Awards. It’s this talent that we pour into our IncaFé coffee and we are very pleased to be able to include NZ’s best coffee blend into our range as Habesha. Our Marin Estate (formerly Siesta) won 2 gold medals and a bronze at the 2012 Huhtamaki NZ Coffee Awards, and Fiesta (formerly Inca Gold) also picked up 2 bronzes at the same awards and another bronze in the 2013 competitions.

We continue to strive to improve our coffees. Medals and cups are great recognition, and we welcome recognition with open arms, but first and foremost it’s about taste and we reckon that if we focus  on taste we’ll retain our loyal followers… the glory can wait until tomorrow.



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